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Sonoma Coast Consulting

In any emerging market it seems that while there is ample noise, sound solutions are far and few between. This "noise" can make it difficult for investors and operators of any experience level to navigate without an abundance of disposable capital, time or expertise.

Comprised of a network of industry experts, investors, and advisors, backed by a team of consultants specializing in everything from employment law to executive search, Sonoma Coast Consulting offers a broad perspective and robust network to businesses of any size.

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From Startup to Unicorn

The only thing we love more than hearing your story as an operator, investor, partner or manager, is the chance to build a unique strategy using that story, leveraging the necessary experts from our own network of professionals from all different backgrounds, to create new forms of growth. "Growth" of any kind is our purpose, be it organic or external.

In any emerging industry, you may find yourself grasping for information from a group of self-proclaimed experts that turn out to be little more than a group full of "characters" specifically when it comes to those who've been in the industry for a long time. Let us help bridge the gap between investor, operator, and expert to make for a more enjoyable and profitable relationship. Make sure you're operators are guided by facts and best practices rather than opinion and habits. 

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Executive Consulting

SCC is here to help you optimize your time and capital no matter your tenure or place in the industry


Find your place in the industry and the surrounding community. The growth of any new business or investment can sometimes make it overwhelming to look ahead. Strategizing today makes for a smoother, more profitable tomorrow. With a network spanning the globe and an array of expertise, let us help you find your place in the market.

Brand/Business Development

Tap into a robust network of capital, clientele, and partners to jumpstart your business, brand, or product or simply to widen your own network and knowledge

Talent Operations

The first step to any winning business is a winning team. With our years of experience in technical recruiting, executive search, and culture development, we've grown a diverse network of industry veterans ready to help you succeed

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Operational Consulting

At Sonoma Coast Consulting we believe every facility should have three main goals:

Maximum Return

The first step to optimizing any facility involves identifying the best techniques, products, and practices based on your unique environment, ensuring the HIGHEST QUALITY end product, be it software, a service, or a physical good.

Minimum Waste

After identifying the right inputs for your specific environment and goals, we identify bottlenecks, superfluous waste, and inefficiencies of all kinds, to grow your bottom line organically and sustainably.

Happy People

Happier workers make better products. At SCC we take the time to get to know each and every member of your team to ensure our strategy fits the ENTIRE organization and not just upper management.

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Tap into Our Valued Network

Great people inside and out of the industry ready to connect and grow with you!

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Educated Investors


Tenured Operators


Plant Touching Firms


Non-Plant Touching Firms


Visionary Non-Profits


Donors eager to help


New and Old Management


Employees Eager to contribute

Schedule a consultation today

By phone, email, video chat or preferably on-site

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Introductory Consultation

Reflect, Analyze, and Strategize. Let's take time to assess your business today and where you're headed by identifying what's working, what's not, and adjusting accordingly

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Based out of the Bay Area and for the time being, SE Asia. 

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