Canopy Optimization Packages

Whether you're running  40 lights or acres of green houses, these packages will help you further optimize your business, lowering costs, and increasing revenue.


Sonoma Coast Consulting Services

While every project is unique and requires a dynamic approach to ensure maximum client satisfaction, we do believe that all clients can stand to benefit from our general structure of our canopy optimization packages.


Sonoma Coast's 5 Key SOP's

Helping Facilities of all size reduce costs and increase yields

While we will not share the specifics of our key SOP's until project kickoff has began, we try to give a good idea of the returns you are looking at after implementation. Below are some examples of key SOP's available through these packages. We ensure that the 5 will be custom fit to your facility.

*Disclaimer* All facilities are unique and while the estimated returns are consistent with what we've seen in a multitude of different environments, % increase in any area cannot be guaranteed.

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