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Client Stories

While the nature and historical dynamic of the industry requires we do not disclose the specific stories of our past and present clients, some are gracious enough to share there story for the benefit of others here:

Blurred worker watering plant in green h

Plant Touching Firms: Indoor, Outdoor, and Mixed Light Cultivators

Canopy Optimization, Growth, and Strategy Consulting

From mom and pop operations to multi-site facilities, we help cultivators of all sizes and experience levels think through the pain points hindering their business. Whether its canopy optimization and waste reduction or growth and brand strategy, we help plant-touching firms differentiate and grow all parts of their company sustainably and ethically by reducing costs, increasing revenues, and ultimately improving margins.


Example of Non plant-touching Firms: ALPHABIS

Business Development and Advisory

Founded by three UC Berkeley Undergrads in the Berkeley SkyDeck incubator, ALPHABIS is a comprehensive perpetual harvest task-management software for indoor cultivators of all kinds. With proven usability in the broader indoor agriculture space, the ALPHABIS team enlisted our services to guide them through the cannabis industry and explore potential synergies with medical/recreational indoor and mixed light cannabis cultivators across the country.

Clients: Projects
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