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Our Valued Partners

Trusted partners eager to assist in your growth


New age branding specialists

Made up of close friends and trusted partners, the team of amazing artists at Bala Creative can provide the unique spark and substance to put your brand and business a step above the rest. Enjoy a special rate on first time projects when referred through Sonoma Coast.


Leaders in the way of sustainable soil innovation

TerraVesco® produces the highest quality and most sustainable, OMRI listed and CDFA certified organic vermicompost available on the market. Academic and scientific trials support TerraVesco Vermicompost efficacy in delivering a range of benefits:

  • increasing plant development and growth

  • boosting plant resilience and rigidity

  • suppressing plant diseases

  • enhancing plant nutrient uptake and nutrient cycling

  • improving transplant success

  • supplementing water retention and porosity capabilities

As official partners and trusted members of the Sonoma Coast Network, TerraVesco can help facilities of any size to reduce their costs and footprint while increasing their quality and yield.


Philanthropic consultants 

Corporate Compassion helps companies of all sizes engage and connect with the community around them. Through a robust network of thousands of non-profits and mission-driven companies across the country, Corporate Compassion helps deserving non-profits access the capital that lays dormant due to a lack of education.

Partners: Clients

Comprehensive Task Management Software

ALPHABIS is a partner and client of Sonoma Coast Consulting and we are excited to be able to bring their product and services to our own clients in the near future. Made up of fellow Berkeley Graduates, the computer science and ag-business experts at ALPHABIS have created a task management software that makes the challenges and headache of perpetual harvesting a distant memory.

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Innovation in healthcare that leads to a healthier tomorrow for ALL.

From 1 doctor clinics to multi-site facilities, medical systems Asia empowers patients and medical professionals of all income levels with the technology and data to drive future treatment currently being reserved for those with the deepest pockets as opposed to those most in need.


Phylos Bioscience

World Renowned Plant Scientists

By providing breeding and R&D services to global partners and offering innovative products  like the Plant Sex Tests and the Phylos Genotype Test are Phylos allows cultivators to increase their plant counts and reduce their costs more efficiently, while also giving breeders the first chance in history for true genetic insight and ownership into/over their prized varieties.

Now, this leading agricultural genomics company is offering its modern molecular genetic mapping and computational biology skills for a discounted rate to all Sonoma Coast Clients. 

Partners: Clients
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